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Welcome to GDM Webmedia, where your ideas meet our expertise. Are you looking to bring your online vision to life, or perhaps give your current website a facelift? We can help.

Web Development

We believe a website can be the cornerstone of a business and an e-commerce platform can make you a small fortune. Ready to start your web development journey? Let's create something we can be proud of!

Mobile Development

A mobile app is a key component of a strong online presence or strategy. Our team builds user-friendly and feature-packed apps for both iOS and Android, delivering a smooth and engaging user experience.

IT Consulting

Leverage our expertise through strategic IT consulting services. Whether you need guidance on technology adoption, system integration, or digital transformation, we are here to enhance your IT strategy.


17 years of experience

Some of the technologies we work with:
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And many more...

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AutoUtilStreamlining Car Management for Your Convenience
AutoUtil simplifies car management by organizing documents, sending expiry notifications, and helping you find your parked car. Stay on top of tasks effortlessly with this all-in-one app.

Our Process



Our process starts with a detailed discovery phase. We conduct research and perform analysis to gather essential information about your project. Here is where we put together functional, non-functional, and technical specs.



Collaboration is essential. We work closely with you to establish a concise project plan, identify objectives, and outline an implementation roadmap. Here is where we discuss deliverables, deadlines, and budget.



Once we have a plan in place, our developers start coding. Our focus is to showcase a crude working version of your app or website within weeks or even days. This approach helps you validate hypotheses or make necessary adjustments early on.



Quality assurance is a critical step in our process. We perform extensive testing to check functionality, security, and performance, aiming to attain a smooth user experience.



At this stage of the process is all about getting your website or mobile app ready and live for the world to see. This phase includes pre-launch checks, data migration, and the actual launch.



Our involvement extends beyond deployment. We focus on providing maintenance through regular updates and support, to ensure your web platform or mobile app remains fully functional and up to date.

Do you have a brilliant idea or an epic project in mind? We'd love to hear from you. Let's collaborate to create something outstanding. Reach out to us at


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